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Strengths Based Leadership Coaching Services

I ground all of my leadership coaching services in the Strengths Based Sustainable Leader model, which I developed. The process begins with the CliftonStrengths by Gallup assessment. If you have not yet taken this assessment, I recommend that you complete it before our first meeting. If you have taken it and know your results, please be sure to share them with me at the outset of our relationship.

With Strengths in hand, we can begin a process of inquiry to identify which coaching service would best serve you. Strengths coaching involves education, advisement, and powerful questions on how to best leverage and apply your Strengths. It also creates greater awareness, allowing you to become more inspiring and effective in your role as a leader, in your career, and/or in your personal relationships. Strengths coaching holds the possibility of transforming individuals and organizations at all levels.

Here are the many coaching services I currently provide:


90-Minute Strengths Debrief Session

Through a Strengths Debrief session, you will gain a better, operative understanding of your CliftonStrengths by Gallup themes. You will identify how to practically apply your unique set of Strengths to jumpstart unlocking the full power of your Strengths at work and at home. Finally, you will leave with a framework for a deeper understanding of how and where your distinctive Strengths will make the greatest difference and impact.

Here is what you can expect to gain from your 90-minute session:

  • A stronger understanding of what your Strengths are

  • Knowledge of the delta, or downsides, of your Strengths

  • A better understanding of how to apply your Strengths to optimize productivity and performance

  • Insight into which activities are not in your wheelhouse from a Strengths perspective, and why you struggle with them

  • Greater ability to identify what fulfills and frustrates you, so you can better allocate your efforts to areas where you can truly shine.


I will follow up with you for a half-hour, laser session in two weeks to answer any questions that may have come up for you as you take

action in applying your Strengths.

90-Day Strengths Deep-Dive Coaching

I will take you through a structured, analytical, measurable process where we delve into the nuances of how your Strengths dance together, as well as how the shadow of your Strengths may show up. Our goal: To look to the results of accelerating your performance, energy and relationships. We keep these sessions focused solely on you. We can assess your Strengths in relationship to your team’s Strengths on occasion.

From this 90-day, deep-dive process, you will:

  • Learn what you need to be mindful of in applying your Strengths for the greatest impact

  • Identify about what triggers your toxic application of your Strengths so you can make different choices with your behaviors

  • Learn how to mitigate your weaknesses and more powerfully apply your Strengths to achieve your desired outcomes

  • Become more powerful in your relationships due to the deeper understanding you have with yourself and your reactive tendencies

  • Shine a light on your Blind Spots – perspectives that you do not even see

  • Move from a mindset of judgment to that of understanding

  • Gain insight to adapt your leadership to align your Strengths and the Strengths of your individual team members

  • Understand yourself and your team better so you can positively impact organizational change

  • Learn how to make shifts within a team or organization based on the Strengths

  • Understand clearly what your optimal role looks like in your business or career path

6-Month Executive Leadership Coaching

This six-month-long, in-depth coaching process will enable you to become more self-aware, intentional and mindful in how you show up as a leader and how your leadership impacts others.

I have developed a Strengths Based Sustainable Leadership coaching model that I will use during our time together. At the core of this process is identifying your core values, Strengths and calling or purpose, as well as developing your Strengths Intelligence. The process begins with the full CliftonStrengths by Gallup assessment, a design which clarifies what your hopes are for coaching and integration sessions, and continues with bi-monthly coaching sessions.

After our six months of focused effort, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of where your "sweet spots" are, new skills and a personal/professional development plan to ensure sustainable success.

Strengths Debriefs With Teams

Each team member receives an individualized 90-minute Strengths debrief. Then the team comes together to map out the Strengths of the team. We discuss the best approaches to working more effectively together, allowing each member to contribute the best of themselves. You can expect these results from this team-based Strengths debrief:

  • Your team’s dynamics will become more positive and fewer misunderstandings will occur.

  • You gain a better understanding of how to apply your individual and collective Strengths to optimize productivity and performance.

  • You know what activities are not in your wheelhouse from a Strengths perspective, why you struggle with these things and how to manage where you are not strong.

  • You receive validation of your assumptions and observations, as well as legitimize feedback, all due to the science and research of the Strengths model.

I will follow up with a half-hour laser session in two weeks to answer any questions that may have come up for you as you and your team have taken action in applying your Strengths.

Infusion Sessions

Infusion sessions are intended for previous clients who have a specific, focused issue or challenge that they would like coaching around. Coaching may be one or several sessions to address the need of the client and situation. The session or sessions will be grounded in your Strengths.

It’s Time to Champion Individual and Team Excellence. Contact Me Today.

You’re here, and you’ve spent time reading through this information. You’re already interested. So take it one step further and request a call with me. We will discuss your interests, whether that is individualized professional coaching sessions or team-based coaching sessions, and determine next steps when you fill out my quick contact form.

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